Le Penseur Publisher, founded in 2006 by a team of professionals in the graphics industry and publishing,  is now specializing in technical publications, scientific and professional.

Le Penseur Publisher he started his own publishing activities with books of urban planning and land use planning and has rapidly expanded its catalog to other disciplines such as geology, pedology, taxation and finance, design, manuals, software and the right, with particular attention to topics of interest for the performance of notarial activity.

Thanks to the careful selection of topics and authors, the publisher has grown rapidly. Books cared for and very competitive selling prices are its strengths.

The aspects mentioned above, accompanied by intense advertising campaigns on the web, have meant that most of the his books were adopted or recommended in various university courses in numerous Italian university.

Le Penseur Publisher maintains several collaborations with faculty of several Italian universities (Naples, Rome, Reggio Calabria, Palermo, etc..) with which it organizes series of books and collaborates regularly with several research institutes and professional associations (CRA – Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture, SISS – Italian Society for Soil Science, Sipe – Italian Society of Soil Science etc..) for which public acts of Conferences and Research.

Le Penseur Publisher selects its books according to scientific rigor, precision and innovative nature of the topic.

In 2010, following the publication of the book “Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper”, the first book in the world of Grasshopper, has started a further expansion of its publishing activities. The book, which has been a great national success, in 2011 was translated in english. The choice to be open to global market has confirmed and amplified the success of Le Penseur Publisher.

The significant results in terms of book diffusion (China, Japan, USA, England, Germany etc.) helped to increase exponentially its international audience.

The book “Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper” was adopted  in various courses of prestigious universities such as Oxford Brookes University School of Architecture, University of Central Florida, University Brno of Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology etc.

Also in 2011, Le Penseur Publisher has founded another company division dedicated to training becoming Authorized Rhino Training Center. Organizes several workshops, in Rome and Milan, on parametric modeling, frequented by college students and professionals. From 2013 offers various courses on Rhinoceros (Level 1 & 2), Rhinoceros for Architecture, Rhinoceros for Jewelry and VRAY ® for Rhinoceros. He started to organize training courses also in Napoli and  Potenza.


Le Penseur Publisher, has created a web portal for the management of on-line journals and printed. The site made ​​with PKP (Public Knowledge Publishing) can offer a powerful online editorial structure that allows you to collect, manage and coordinate all the magazines that want to realizing.