Spatial Augmented Reality

The development of edutainment for augmented digital spaces
Donato Maniello
New Technologies for the Arts
Volume 3
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This volume presents organically and as comprehensively as possible the techniques that, even if not properly designed for SAR, have been used in the sector with excellent results.

The aim and common thread of the speech is their use to design entertainment; in fact, they allow to have a powerful communication tool that can be molded on any type of surface, but this implies a great responsibility in terms of message, quality and science, especially when to be involved and the cultural good.Video projection means communication but to do so correctly and need to know the tools we have available so as to have clear its limits and potential.

In this regard, the book is intended to be a sort of laboratory from which the reader can make their own the experiences of the author, draw knowledge and deepen arguments, and then design their own intervention.

Finally, since the success of a multimedia installation cannot be separated from the audio aspect, a specific chapter, by the sound designer Luca Canciello, introduces the player in the articulated world of sound and its design.



Simone Arcagni


Chapter 1 – Advanced methods and effects for video mapping

1.1 Green screen

1.2 Line effects

1.2.1 3D Stroke

1.2.2 Exporting from Cinema 4D Wireframe views Paths for Illustrator

1.3 Using a video as a texture

1.4 Simulated 3D effects

1.5 Increasing the depth of a video projection

1.5.1 Passive stereoscopy: anaglyphs

1.5.2 Pseudo-stereoscopy

1.5.3 The 3D CromaDepth

1.6 Testing and increasing the ANSI lumen of a video projector

1.7 How to photograph architectural structures during evening events

1.8 Procedure for performing 360° Mapping

Chapter 2 – From 3D model to real world: how to print in 3Dby Donato Maniello and Marco Victor Romano

2.1 Brief overview of 3D printer technologies

2.2 Preparing an object for printing: the optimization process

2.3 3D printing

2.3.1 Scaling the object in 4D Cinema

2.3.2 Cure program: how to correctly scale an object

2.3.3 Reference system

2.3.4 Preparing the file for printing

Chapter 3 – Increasing the spatial augmented reality potential

3.1 Duoreal: video mapping and HP Reveal.A hypothesis of hybridization between SAR and AR

3.1.1 Using the HP Reveal app

3.1.2. Activating content on HP Reveal

3.1.3 Connecting HP Reveal to video projections

3.1.4 Building a pseudo-holographic viewer with the Pepper’s Ghost technique

Chapter 4 – Interactivity in the design of a performance 

4.1 Interfacing Resolume Arena 6 with MadMapper and vice versa

4.2 External controllers and communication protocols: MIDI and OSC

4.2.1 Brief overview of other types of controllers Controller MIDI: Korg nanoKONTROL2 How to use and map external controls with Resolume Arena 6 Turning your smartphone into a controller via TouchOSCEditor Configuration with MIDI protocol via TouchOSC Bridge Configuration with OSC protocol 4.3 Quartz Composer: Increasing performance interactivity(only for mac users)

4.3.1 How to use external controls and map them to Resolume Arena 5 using the QC patch

4.4 How to use external controls and map them with MadMapper

Chapter 5 – Sound Design and Sound Effects by Luca Canciello

5.1 Introduction

5.1.1 Perceiving Sound

5.1.2 Sound

5.1.3 Audio production techniques

5.1.4 Soundscape – Sound Landscape

5.2 Time and tone in sound design

5.2.1 Time and Metric

5.2.2 Tone

5.2.3 Cacophony and Euphony

5.3 Software and tools for audio production

5.4 Creating audio effects and sound design

5.5 Sonorizing a video

5.5.1 Setting up the audio-video project

5.5.2 Composition of sound effects and sound design

5.5.3 Examples of sound effects design Composition of audio effects for the creation of texts and writings Composition of audio effects for delineating geometric figures and architectural structures – Mode 15.

5.3.3 Composition of audio effects for Star Lines fx (light points, small objects/surfaces with dynamic movement) Composition of audio effects for the (structural) deformation of the exterior of a building Composition of audio effects for explosions and image rarefactions/grains Composition of audio effects for outlining geometric figures and architectural structures – Mode 25.

5.3.7 Composition of audio effects for rhythmic image sequences Composition of audio effects for architectural structure failure or collapse

Chapter 6 – Storytelling 

6.1 Development of an elaborate timeline: phases of a narrative project

6.1.1 Brainstorming

6.1.2 Storytelling

6.1.3 The Storyboard

6.1.4 The Moodboard

6.1.5 Evolution of a project and final considerations

Donato Maniello

Donato Maniello, Architetto, Ph.D. in “Materiali e Strutture per l’Architettura” e Docente per il settore di Nuove Tecnologie per l’Arte. Fondatore dello Studio Glowarp specializzato nell'uso della SAR in ambito museale per la valorizzazione dei beni culturali. Attivo nella formazione e nella ricerca scientifica nel campo dell’augmented heritage è coinvolto in diversi progetti e collaborazioni istituzionali.

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